Shores of Eternity

(inspired by Carl Sagan’s Cosmos)

We stand on the shores of eternity

We gaze across the endless oceans of life

We cast our eyes to the continual reaches of space

It is then that we realize that we are mere specks in the cosmic hourglass

Our lives are just a few grains of stardust

Stardust reformed from an ancient cycle of life

As fading as starlight in daylight

As cold as the northern lights in winter

The swirling melodies of the cosmic symphony bathe us

The rainbow of night dances about us

For it is upon this shore that we emerged


It is on this shore that we will depart

To swim and to breathe in the purity of a near cosmic shore

For it is to that cosmic shore that we traverse

Leaving memories and thoughts behind for those who are not yet ready for the journey

The journey to the shores of eternity

To soak in the empyreal radiance

Fading into the Cosmos

To rejoin the life once lost but now found again

So are the days of our sovereign on the shores of eternity

On this earth lost in the annals of time

G. D. Williams       © 2010

One thought on “Shores of Eternity

  1. this was truely amazing and compelling peice of artwork, creativity, and heart. it moved me in a way as to remind myself as well as mankind of what we truely are in this greater life of nature and beyond we know.


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