December: A Time To Celebrate

December Pine


December is as the song says “the most wonderful time of the year.” The major events of December include Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, and secular celebrations.

Whether or not one believes in the New Testament view of shepherds being serenaded by angels or a young teenage girl of 14 giving birth to the long promised Messiah of Jewish prophecy, December is a time for celebration.

Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, holiday fare on television—Frosty the Snowman, Rudolf the Red-Nosed-Reindeer, How the Grinch Stole Christmas; movies with the holiday spirit on television and in theatres; school programs, office parties, tree lightings, wassail, egg nog, fresh pine scent, decorations of holly and ivy, mistletoe, poinsettias, and the list goes on…

 And what would December be like without the showing of It’s A Wonderful Life and White Christmas.  Songs like The Bells on Christmas Morning, Silent Night, and Away in a Manger are echoes from our childhood.  For children today I often wonder if the mystical qualities of December have been lost by our tech-savvy times.

Whatever your views on this time of the year, I hope you spend your precious time with family and friends.  For in the final analysis at the moment of our parting from this planet traversing the cosmos, will we have lived well with many tales to tell?

One of the ways of living well is to help your neighbor this December.  Who is your neighbor?  A young Nazarene teacher once said, anyone who is in need on this planet—what a philosophy for us to embrace at the end of 2010.  You may not be able to help someone around this globe, but you have neighbors in your community who could use your assistance. 

The Salvation Army bell ringers are always standing ready to receive your financial support for those who are in need as are Toys for Tots, community centers, religious centers, and other outreach organizations. These people are there to share with those who are in need.  They are the true Saint Nicholas which is the basis of Santa Claus.

The needs are many, but the givers are few.  Be a giver this December and bring a sparkle of joy to the eyes of those who are dimmed by the plight of existence on this planet.  Save your judgments on the unfortunate for another time and place.  Open your heart and allow your souls to be refreshed by the miracle of giving.



G. D. Williams       © 2010