In The Weeks and Months To Come…

Are we done with life, love, death, and immortality? Of course not, these subjects are the quests of a lifetime.

In the weeks and months to come we will touch on these as well as other pieces of life on the planet. We will stand on the shores of eternity and gaze forward and backward.

We will visit Carl Sagan’s Cosmos and listen to his eloquence. The Cosmos series was unique.

We will take an imaginary journey to the outer rim of our solar system with a band of humans who will wrestle with the concepts of life, time, space, endings and beginnings as they encounter the wonders out there as they explore their own humanity. Captain Diana Lewis, Lt. Michelle Hill, Sergeant Major Gregory Drake, and the other members of the crew will add to our understanding of what it means to be on the outer rim of reality.

We will journey back to a mystical paradise lost in the streams of time. Perhaps, we will catch a glimpse of why our longings for reconnection to the ancient past are so important.

Origins—we have our opinions, but what do they tell us about our future? We will take a voyage with Charles Darwin and discover that life on this planet is never ending. As he stated, “mystery of mysteries — the first appearance of new beings on this earth.” However, Darwin’s journey took a turn into a gale which we will unravel to see a man perplexed, depressed and longing for the truth as he faced his darkest hour.

We will visit Rebecca Harding Davis’ short story LIFE IN THE IRON-MILLS. We will take a look at Lorraine Hansberry’s A Raisin In The Sun. Both the story and the play have meaning for us on our journey in the forest of life.

We will sit with Moses, the exiled prince, in the Midian Desert as he finds his destiny in the night stars of His Desert God and the howling winds from the mysterious mountain peaks. We will explore Pilate’s question to Jesus, “What is truth?”

We will have a conversation with Margaret Sanger as we ask her questions and in her own words give us some startling answers about population controls on this planet, and we will how these recommendations have been carried out since the 1920’s. History reveals the present in graphic details.

Camelot—we will journey to the mists of Avalon. For in these mists lost in the realms of forgotten kingdoms we will find a clue or two to our own destiny in the Cosmos. Viviane, one of the sisters of the Lake, we will visit her world and see that life is indeed interconnected.

Since we share the same planet, ecology becomes an important element in the 21st Century. As rainforests and natural habitats are destroyed, what fate awaits humans?

No subject is off limits in our quest for knowledge and truth. The voyage of discovery is only limited by our finite imagination and fears to open certain doors. There are no taboos on our quest.

Let’s expand our horizon as we set sail with a trio of galactic adventurers, Garo Wilfast, Tal Dor and Rews At across the galaxy searching for the mysterious and alluring Evening Star, beautiful and lethal. This imaginary tale will explore what it means to be human in the Cosmos, especially our mortality.

Tossing pepper and salt in this pot of stew will provide a savory meal. A touch of rich curry to tease the senses and perhaps a piece or two of jalapeño to remind one that one is still alive will be added as well. This is our hope.

See you soon…

G. D. Williams © 2010