Carl and Ann: A Love Story— “We found Each Other In The Cosmos”

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As we leave the ghosts of Heathcliff and Catherine to their solitary wanderings on the moors of Wuthering Heights, let’s turn our attention to two remarkable individuals- Carl Sagan and Ann Druyan. Here are their thoughts on life, death, love and the hereafter.

We found each other in the Cosmos
“I would love to believe that when I die I will live again, that some thinking, feeling, remembering part of me will continue. But as much as I want to believe that, and despite the ancient and worldwide cultural traditions that assert an afterlife, I know of nothing to suggest that it is more than wishful thinking.”
— Carl Sagan, The Demon Haunted World

“Contrary to the fantasies of the fundamentalists, there was no deathbed conversion, no last minute refuge taken in a comforting vision of a heaven or an afterlife. For Carl, what mattered most was what was true, not merely what would make us feel better. Even at this moment when anyone would be forgiven for turning away from the reality of our situation, Carl was unflinching. As we looked deeply into each other’s eyes, it was with a shared conviction that our wondrous life together was ending forever.”
— Ann Druyan, Epilogue to Billions and Billions: Thoughts on Life and Death at the Brink of the Millennium

Many people on this planet accept this reality which Carl and Ann shared. If true, then what we share on this planet is truly the briefest of moments. One should never waste these moments of life since they will never come again or be shared in some distant plane of eternity.

The last sentence of Ann’s statement above -”our wondrous life together was ending forever” is so poignant. Carl Sagan said on the Charlie Rose Show in 1996 that he believed death was “a long, dreamless sleep” from which one will never awaken.

Is believing in an afterlife “wishful thinking”? Is death a “long, dreamless sleep”?
Will a “wondrous life” here with your chosen companion end at death? Are Carl and Ann wrong? Or are they so tragically correct?

When you say good-bye to your “wondrous life” on this earth, what do you hope or expect when you open your eyes from death?

Ponderings once more as we close the Saturday evening…

G. D. Williams © 2010


4 thoughts on “Carl and Ann: A Love Story— “We found Each Other In The Cosmos”

  1. True love lasts a lifetime. For as long as the person giving the true love lives.

    If one person TRULY loves another, but the love is not reciprocated, the love may diminish but will never go away completely. It may be difficult for the one who did love to find another love, but not impossible. Eventually nothing but a tiny point of feeling will be left for the original love.

    If two people both truly love each other, that love will never die as long one of them is still alive. One of the pair may die and the other may find another love. It will likely take longer than in the non-reciprocated love. However, the original love of the survivor will continue on for the balance of his/her life. As the new love fills the heart, the space for the old love will diminish, but never to the point of none.

    As far as beyond the grave, well, I’ll leave for others to speculate on.


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