Sam Wheat and Molly Jensen

As we leave Richard and Elsie to their eternal bliss, let’s view this concept of romantic love from a different angle.  What can we learn from this well crafted story?

Sam Wheat and Molly Jensen are a typical couple madly in love with each other. He’s in banking, and she’s an artist.  With a Manhattan backdrop the young lovers walk back to their apartment after a lovely night at the theatre.

An apparent mugging results in Sam being killed.  Unfortunately, Sam believes he is very much alive as he looks down on Molly holding his lifeless body.  He realizes that he is a ghost.  This 1990 film Ghost was one of the most romantic movies and audiences made it one of the highest grossing films.  When you tossed in the oldie Unchained Melody you have a film of joy, sadness, hope, love, and a promise of tomorrow.

This film presents a different take on the eternal life.  Of course, Sam is pure and good—the true hero.  However, for every hero, there must be a foil, a villain.  A story worth its salt has both a protagonist and antagonist.

Carl Bruner, Sam’s bank colleague and the one behind Sam’s death, meets his fate by an accident.  This is where this film deviates from other films in this genre.  The shadows come up from the earth and take Carl screaming to the nether regions.

Of course, at the end Sam has to say good-bye to Molly for the light of heaven is calling him home.  They part as he says, “See you.”  Molly replies “See you.”  The promise of a reunion in perfect love lays the foundation for Molly and Sam to once again meet in a better place.

Poor Carl-fate unknown, but those dark shadows certainly did not have his best interest at heart.  It is left to the viewer’s imagination.

So, for some there is a light when they die where love is the essence of all.  For others there is a dark reality which must not be a nice place.

Do you believe there is a hell where the bad people go upon death to suffer unknown horrors and torments? Is their suffering forever?  If it is, then hell with all of its evil and sufferings is eternal as well? What is your concept of heaven?  Are heaven and hell two realities which exist side by side throughout the ages? Do you think the Sams and Mollys among us will be reunited in the light of the hereafter?  Is love, romantic love everlasting? Or do you say good-bye here and you will never meet again in the hereafter?

Ponderings on this late Friday in October…

G. D. Williams       © 2010