The Sacrifice of One

To a number of people a cemetery is a special place where loved ones are interned-places of respect and hallowed ground which evoke an array of memories and emotions.  For many it is like the young girl in the Under There video.  This is the place where her brother is.

This video, The Sacrifice of One, is about a daughter who has written letters to her fallen, heroic father since she was young.  She tells him of her trials and joys as she grows up.  She remembers her father and shares her memories with those around her.  She marries, and she introduces her husband to her father.  Then one day she comes to the cemetery with her young daughter to introduce her father to his granddaughter.

It goes back to the concept of remembering those who have departed this life.  For in remembering them and sharing those precious memories, the loved one achieves immortality.  Oh! It is so sad to be forgotten after your life ends on this terrestrial ball in the vast Cosmos of a billion suns and countless worlds-these are the mysteries of creation when the morning stars sang their first song, and humans emerged on earth from those songs of life.

Does a father’s love for his children survive the shadows of death?  Does he know anything about what is transpiring in their lives?  Are the fallen heroes in the “mansions of the Lord” and enjoy the “divine embrace” and experience “the eternal light” as the song says?  What do you think?  What do you believe? What is your hope and prayer for your departed loved ones? Do you talk to them when you visit their graves or hold their ashes or picture?

Ponderings as we close this Sunday evening in October…


G. D. Williams © 2010