When Someone Dies…

As we continue the thoughts expressed in Reflections on High School, this video conversation between an adult and child express the differences between a mind fastened on the “truth” and the young girl who saw reality from a mind unclouded by years of indoctrination.

What do you think happens to someone who dies? Is there a reality beyond this one? What do you believe about the life here and in the hereafter? Things to ponder on a Saturday in October…


G. D. Williams © 2010


2 thoughts on “When Someone Dies…

  1. Have read your entire blog as of this date and enjoyed it very much. Recycling after death, whether of the body or the soul, is a good example of the fundamental cyclical nature of the universe. Love is the most powerful force that continues thoughout time. I believe that is why we experience deja vu, and are born with very strong likes and dislikes. This makes the most sense to me. The important thing is that the world is a better place because of what we have done.


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